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Compassion Training for Teachers and Youth Workers

Workshop series to increase your capacities to give emotional support

How can our communication create emotional relief and support?
This is a workshop series for anyone working with youth (for example teachers and youth workers) who is interested in strengthening their own skills in giving emotional support.
Do you witness that the current wars impact young humans around you? Do you notice students emotionally upset, restless, aggressive, nervous, or anxious…? Do you sometimes feel unsure or overwhelmed about how to respond to their emotional states? Is it hard to keep a good connection with them and to yourself? Do you wonder how you can emotionally support them, while not getting entangled in a right-wrong-discussions?
Resonance is a way of communicating that creates the experience of understanding and connection for both sides. Meeting youth with resonance creates a sense of respect, mutuality, trust, and recognition.
This workshop series gives you an introduction in the method of "resonance work" developed by Sarah Peyton. You will learn basics about how emotional regulation works in the brain, and how you can support youth in difficult emotions through ways of communicating. There are eight ways of communicating with “resonance” – these create the experience of being understood and seen. You will practice these communication pathways in pairs and get the chance to practice at home in between sessions.
Learning resonance will most likely make it easier for you to connect with youth in an authentic way that is nourishing for both of you and strengthens your connection and trust. It supports processing heavy emotions and the relaxation of the emotional alarm centre.
In this work, you create shifts in your presence and choice of words - these shifts can be very subtle and can flow into your daily work, and create changes in the felt connection, even in very small interactions.  
Anybody who receives this type of compassion will feel more alive, more connected, more "ok".
Furthermore, compassion can have ripple effects and support conflict prevention in youth groups as it is a lot easier to offer understanding to someone else when we have been understood before.

The language of the presentations is English (because I am not yet fully fluent in Norwegian), but you are welcome to do partner exercises in Norwegian.


Workshop series: Wednesdays 15.30 - 17.30 on 6th Dec. 2023, 24th Jan., 31st Jan. It is also possible to only join single workshops.

Location: Aktivitetshus Tøyen K1, Oslo.


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