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Coaching for Students

Study time has an image of a free, adventurous time of life- But an enourmous amount of students nowadays struggle with mental health. This is an offer to support you in your emotional wellbeing.

Your individual journey

Every person carries unique gifts for the world. Our society often gives us the message that we should adapt and be special at the same time. War rage, climate change is happening, and social media puts pressure on us that work really on subconscious levels. For many people, the brain's centre for unrest, stress and panic is active more than it is healthy. Still, there are not enough offers to support young people with emotional health challenges.
Often times we catch ourselves in the same behaviours over and over again, although we wanted to change long ago. We turn to things that distract us. Make us feel at least a little bit better for now.
But when we access the root cause of our behaviour, it gets much easier to change our patterns so that we act in accordance with our values and long-term goals.


My coachings support you in:

  • getting to know the patterns of your own emotional system, why they are there and how you can gradually shift them

  • building inner strength

  • support you in living authentic, safe and fulfilling relationships

  • solving conflicts and gaining resilience

  • transform fear that holds you back to compassion and self-understanding

  • becoming the master of your own emotional system

  • giving you skills and exercises that can accompany, support and empower you longterm

    If you face your emotional system with curiosity and willingness to learn, doors to a fulfilling, healthy life get opened.
    My training is not therapy, but can complement therapy. It is a journey during which I will guide you with clarity and gentleness to ground yourself in your own strength. Like any other person, you carry a uniqueness that is precious and that is a gift to the world. I would love to support you in unpacking your cristall and finding your good spin.

Student prices

1 session à 90 minutes: 500 kr.

Bundle of 5 sessions à 90 minutes: 2000 kr.

Sessions need to be cancelled 48 hours in advance to receive full refund. With cancellations of less than 48 hours in advance, 20% of the price will be refunded.

Check in a free call whether it is for you!

I offer 30 minute conversations where you get to know me and find out whether you want me as your trainer for emotional resilience.
There will be no pressure whatsoever to buy my services. It is just a possibility for both of us to investigate whether a collaboration makes sense :)

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