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Change Management

A knowledge basis to create change in organisations, effectively, ethically, and creatively.

Communication and Conflict Mediation

  • patterns and phases into conflicts

  • visible and unvisible costs of conflicts for organisations

  • paths out of conflict

  • becoming conflict-proof as an organisation

Work Psychology

  • work motivation

  • work satisfaction

  • physical and mental safety at work

  • organisation analysis

  • work culture


Organisational Development

  • longterm, holistic change responding to incremental societal changes

  • focus on organisational culture, human-centred
  • different organisational structures and dynamics
  • different development strategies,
  • personality types, functionality of teams

Change Management Processes

  • when need for quick change to societal disruptions (versus incremental change)

  • what makes change possible and successful

  • collective and individuals resistances and hindrances to change

  • costs of change and of non-change

Certificate_Change Management.JPG

I completed a four-month full time online training in Change Management at the IU Akademy, funded by the German Work Agency.

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