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Emotional Intelligence for Environmental Organisations

Witnessing the drastic impacts of climate change can stir up many difficult emotions. Learn how to meet these emotions in a way that expands care for each other and give us more energy to act.


Is there an underlying sense of panic?
Is there overwhelm and desparation?
Is there a constant background voice of guilt and shame?


I offer workshops

Being constantly confronted with devastation of our planet, the immense suffering of people around the world and negative outlooks for our future livelihoods can create heavy emotional burdens. We can learn how to become helpful resources for each other in facing such global challenges. Our daily interactions matter. Burrying our despair and helplessness drains our energy and may block us from our greatest actions. Being in resonance, aan embodied compassion, with each other can set blocked life energy free, enable us to see our personal corridors of best possible actions, and make us feel safe and connected in the groups we work with. In activist groups, learning this methods can prevent activist burnout and tensions of hierarchy within groups. In NGOs, companies, research teams and othe

organisations, this approach can recharge everyone with motivation and improve the social climate.

The Approach

My work is based on interpersonal neuroscience and the Resonance work by Sarah Peyton. Her body of work "Resonance Healing" is based on the study of the latest neuroscience especially in the area of communication, belonging, and trauma. It offers insights into how our brains work as well as manigfold practices for recharging emotionally and relieving difficult emotions. This is a practice that can change how we feel with ourselves as we work to grow more compassion-neurons.

Sonne in Ferne untergehend Blumen lila.jpg
“Clara creates a space beautifully balanced in healing and action. Looking back, her workshop catalyzed so many positive and coherent trajectories for me that give me energy, inspiration and hope for the future"

Elin, Oslo


Interested? Send me a message and we have a chat!

After I receive your message, I will contact you to have a call and figure out time, place and focus of the workshop. Prices depend on group size and profit-orientation of your organisation. It is possible to do the workshop online, to use your own space or to rent a room in SoCentral (Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo).

Thanks for your interest!

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