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Coaching for Individuals

I accompany you through difficult emotional states so that you will gain more clarity, build inner strength, and be supported to solve your problems.


Your Space

Welcome to a space where you are accepted.
A space that enables you to access
your inner potential.

Enjoying relationships more

You find yourself stuck in hurtful patterns in your relationships? Do you long to learn how to communicate in a way that builds up healthy relationship patterns? That nourishes you and the other person?

Resolving and reconciliating conflicts

A conflict is taking lots of energy from you and you don't see any solution? A deeper layer of the situation wants to be uncovered by you?

Taking the right decision

You have a big decision in front of you but you feel like your thoughts are running in the same circles, unable to decide? You want to take the decision from a holistic sense?


Which challenges can be addressed with my approach?

You can come with any topic. With my approach we make your underlying feelings and thoughts conscious that you are holding, which can be applied to any life area.
If you have a psychological diagnosis, please make it transparent in the first request and we find out in a call if my approach can be additional support to a therapy.

Check out if it suits your needs.

In a free consultation call, we find out together whether your need and my offer
fit together.

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