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Transformational Leadership towards Sustainability

An approach by award-winning Monica Sharma for anyone keen on bringing forth societal change - based on equity, dignity, and compassion.

Sourcing inner capacities for systemic transformation

  • inviting change that serves all beings 

  • activating diginity, compassion and fairness in everyone

  • addressing both, the left brain (results- and solutions-focused strategies) and the right brain (thinking holistically, transforming judgements into connection, involving everyone)


This work offers (among others):

  • frameworks to design value-based, empowering, effective project strategies

  • approach to discern and evaluate work processes in teams with agency and growth instead of guilt and judgement

  • practices to activate our courage to stand up and speak out against injustice

  • ethical and effective ways for organisations to build syngery and alliance with other organisations

  • overcome disempowering -isms (racism, sexism, ableism, ageism etc.)

Shift in three spheres

We simultaneously address these three spheres:



Universal Values

Clarity on the values one stands for, individually and as an organisation/team, opens a new space from which we act - that does not divide into us versus them, right versus wrong etc.

'Universal values' means values that are proven to be foundational to human beings all around the world.


Culture and Systems

What changes are required in the rules that run the game? This can be implicit social norms, cllective behavioural patterns, or laws. Which cultural patterns have to shift? In this sphere, one discerns which patterns foster the old disfuctional state, and which shifts are necessary.


Practical Solutions

For societal change, most likely concrete practical, technical solutions are required. It is however crucial to connect these to the other two spheres to prevent power imbalances (technical solutions only serve some), and rebound effects (remaining behavioural patterns).

I completed the training course in Bergen and online in the cohort 2020. I continued with weekly triads (practices sessions) and am currently staying in practice through a bi-weekly book club. I can highly recommend this training, because I gained the confidence that there is a way for creating social, political, and structural change that is simultaneously uplifting for anyone involved - even for people you may have seen as "enemies" in your fight.

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