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Resonance Work

Trainings by Sarah Peyton

Resonance Healing was developed by Sarah Peyton and is based on the latest interpersonal neuroscience and further development of non-violent communication.

The knowledge entailed in her trainings gives explanations why we behave socially the certain way we do and offers great understanding of how the structre and mechanisms of our brain are always designed to serve us, but often stand in the way to living the way we want to. Communicative patterns in the social systems we belong to shape our brain and shape how we can use its capacities.

Resonant healing is a way of communicating with each other that takes the findings from interpersonal neuroscience serious: Responding to someone with resonance gives immediate relief to the amygdala, the centre of the brain where trauma is stored and that gets activated whenever we feel emotionally triggered.

Through studying resonance healing by Sarah Peyton in many seminars and practice sessions, I realized how they way we talk with each other as well as ourselves influences if not determines very much how we feel in any situation. Whenever we have critical or even vicious voices inside our head, this can make us feel miserable. But the voice is just a brain function designed to help us. But it is only when we decode this with care and resonance that we are able to receive the gifts these voices are able to offer us, namely bringing us closer to what we actually need, being honest with ourselves so that we can take senseful next decision.

A resonant healing session often times leaves one with a relieving feeling of groundedness and clarity, feeling more connected to oneself and the world. The body relaxes, we can breathe more deeply and we get a felt sense of being seen and understood.

I bring resonance in my coaching sessions whenever suitable for example when there is a need for processing difficult emotions and getting emotional relief.

Learned at: Sarah Peyton (, with the following courses:

Introduction to Resonant Language; Reclaiming the Sexuality Circuit and the Self; The Resonance and Climate Series 2022; Clear Your Circuits - Write from Your Heart; How We Love - The Neurobiology of Attachement; Fierce Compassion - Skills for Antiracist Conversations; Brain Spa;
I am currently in preparation for the certification programm as Resonant Healing Practitioner throughout 2024 by Sarah Peyton and Business by Heart.

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