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I offer workshops and coaching, and adapt my methods according to the needs of the clients.
All services are delivered in-person or online
(except for the horse-assistend coaching ;)).
If you miss a workshop that directly fits your need, please get in touch- I am happy to adapt my concepts to any audience and purpose, that matches my values. 

Emotional Resilience for Environmental Organisations

Train to meet climate denial, 
achievement pressure, and
climate catastrophes
with more emotional capacity.

Leadership & Teambuilding

Receive valueable feedback on your leadership through the horse's sensible and honest reactions.

Coming Soon

Global Compassion Workshops

Practice a conscious approach to reading world news, transforming polarization, hate and othering.

Systemic Coaching
Sustainability Leaders

Make use of the systemic approach to unleash from blocks in the social system of your team.

Individual Coachings for Students

Become a master of your own emotional system

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