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Emotional Resilience for Environmental Organisations



This is a services directly tailored to organisations, intiatives and groups working towards ecological health and sustainability.
The purpose of this work is to support people who are dedicating their everyday life towards creating systems that sustain our living conditions for the future.
Reasons for this work are:

  • risk for burn-out from high engagement

  • challenges to commuicate uncomfortable truths to society

  • challenging task to activating action change in people who do not see a personal benefit in it

  • potentially mental stress of sourcing own financiation

  • sometimes a lack of effectiveness in reaching the people in society that are required for change of society

  • high felt pressure on groups and individuals to be the change

  • being confronted with a  lot of resignation, ignorance, or even hatred

  • potentially the exhausting job of being in competition with big companies around being heard and influencing political decisions


Is there a sense of panic, is there worry, is there an underlying sense of desperation?

Are you scared you won't have enough impact?


Are you trying to reach more people to care for environmental issues but most repond in a resigned, apathetic, or ignorant way?

Our brains are always trying to help us make sense of the world, be safe and belong. Let's help everyone's brains to grasp environmental challenges from a different perspectives- one that prevents the usual ways of coping mechanism that leads to inaction.

Why me, why this?

Why I offer this service

In order to learn how to have impact, I went and learned in various organisations to understand which would be the most effective and fast way to move us collectively to more sustainable behaviour.

Joining an NGO, governmental agency, high ranking research organisation and a parliament, I was struck to find the same loopholes in each organisation. Being thrilled about interaction patterns (nerdy one could say), I wrote down all my observations and bit by bit, I wrote a concept for sustainability transformations that reach a deeper stance in us humans. Very excellent trainings that I followed over the past years build necessary keystones my approach and they came together like puzzle pieces.


Communicating towards the society

Knowing, clarifying and owning the paradoxes that you inherently hold as an organisation, will be noticeable to people you interact with and want to draw in to support environmental change.

You want to try out this approach?

In case you are curious to learn more and see whether the worshop or workshop series could be interesting for your organisation, feel free to drop me a message to or book a free consultation call.

Alexa Young, CA

"Clara hjalp meg med å bli oppmerksom på hvordan kroppen min føltes, fikk det til å føles trygt å snakke frit med de andre jeg gjorde øvelsene sammen med, og jeg var dypt takknemelig etter hver gang vi hadde jobbet sammen." (deltaker i to nettbaserte verksteder om emosjonale resiliens i klimakrisen)"
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