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Coaching for Sustainability Leaders

Sense into the social system of your team to activate your team's full potential and solve blockages.

The Lens of the System

How well a team works together is highly dependent on the relations of the persons involved. As a leader you greatly influence relational patterns of your team, whether consciously or unconsciously. Many social dynamics are driven by the subconsciousness and emotional layer, so sometimes blockages, misunderstandings, and conflicts have their cause underneath the surface of the obvious.

The systemic lens allows us to take a look at these patterns, and find out what we can try out to invite change.


This coaching approach supports you in situations of:

Open Conflict

You are involved in a conflict in your team and you want to get clearer in your needs, feelings, and possible entry points for reconciliation and solution. Also, if the atmosphere is heated and you want to release some emotional tension.


You feel discomfort about your role as a leader. Maybe you just transitioned to a new role, and suddenly contact with the others feel awkward. Resolve hindering believes about dominance and loyality and develop clarity on your leadership attitude.

New Entries

After a difficult leave of an old employee a new one is about to start their work. Clear the field to offer the newcomer a clear, fair start! If past things remain unresolved, the new person can struggle without obvious reason.

Absences and Leavings

There is a high fluctuation of employees? Investigate with a systemic constellations if there is underlying tensions you have been overlooking.

Entering new Collaborations

You are planning to or in the process of collaborating or merging with another organisation? Use a coaching to prepare for the social challenges of collaborating/merging and invite a smooth process.

Stuckness In Projects

Your team and you are stuck in a certain project and you have a sense the reasons for stuckness could lay in social dynamics. Put your attention on these dynamics in a safe setting.

“The key benefit of attending to leavings well is that doing so creates the conditions for effective joinings and healthy belonging.”

John Wittington, in Systemic Coaching and Constellations

Book a coaching session


1 session: 820 NOK (starter price until January 2024); 4 sessions: 3000 NOK

1 session lasts 90-120 minutes.

Sessions are conducted either in person in SoCentral (5th floor), Øvre Slottgate 3, Oslo, or online via Zoom.


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