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Weekly Review

A structured process to find your unique points to shift more into joy, health, success at work and good relationships.

Growing healthy routines together

Saturdays 10-11 am CET
Starting on the 4th April (break between 15th - 29th June)
Via Zoom
For free


What we do

How we look on our life, can make us more or less happy, more or less structured, and be decisive in how we lead relationships and love.
Join me for a weekly, easy routine of check-in with yourself: you are guided through a process: to notice where you stand, how you progressed, and what you want to focus on in the next week. Moreover, how you feel in your relationship systems and what patters you may want to shift.

This process is designed to:

  • to strengthen inner resources

  • enabeling compassion towards ourselves and others

  • measuring our progress without guilt, but clarity to go forward effectively.

You will move into your new week with a fresher mind, grounded in your values, and clear how you want to handle things.

This process also gives space to discove the critical points of our behaviours that will lead to more satisfying patterns in daily life. Everybody's life is different and everyone needs a different way to lead it - this is not a wrong/right space -
this process just gives you the space to reconnect with what matters most to you and helps grow the musle to guide yourself in a way that makes you happy and fulfilled longterm.

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