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Resonant World News Reading

How can we increase compassion with others around the world? How can we stay open to what is going on in the world without getting panicked, depressed, or anxious? How can we prevent that more and more people stop reading world news to protect their mental health - which could be an existential threat to democracy?

Workshop series

Friday mornings 8 - 8.30 am
30 minutes weekly
for six weeks
22th Sept. - 27th Oct.



Instead of turning away from what is happening in the world, or consuming news like fastfood and getting stomache ache, lets help our emotional systems to digest what we consume.
In resonant news reading, we use of the latest neuroscience on embodied compassion ('resonance') as developed by Sarah Peyton - to help ourselves and each other process what we take in.

Practicing resonant news reading is likely to

  • increase your capacity to look at what is actually happening

  • increase your capacity for reasonable action because it comes from an emotionally regulated space

  • learn to see global phenomena from various perspectives, increasing your capacity to contribute to international peace.

  • make you feel more connected with and compassionate for other people with different backgrounds and in different parts of the world

  • leave you more resourced also for difficult situations in other life areas, through the application of resonant work (you can apply resonant language to any life situation!)


This work is not designed to replace radical societal change making, in a sense that you will feel better and care less about creating change. Working with resonance on world news in this way can rather support existing action in a stabilizing way, or even encourage new action th

I also want to acknowledge that some people will not needs this work as they deal with tough news simply by going fully into value-based action.

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