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My Values


Everybody's behaviour makes sense if you could step into their shoes. Behind understood fully is a longing for most people. Compassion can create emotional relief. Non-judgementalness gives space for change. Understanding the needs behind a certain behaviour is important.

Full Potential

I am always intrigued by the imagination of what abundance lies in each person. Without exception, everybody carries precious unique gifts. Most people only live a friction of their potential. Being curious about each other's full potential can open inner doors.


I am aware that coaching settings themselves can create power hierarchies and disempowering patterns in a hidden way, and I try my best to circumvent such patterns. I invite equity that brings the humbleness, respect for everyone's life experiences, and that is a space of self-responsibiliy and agency for the coachee.

My Methods


Systemic Constellations

Systemic coaching is a method that puts attention to the relations within a system. Through visual or spatial representations, subconscious information is allowed to contribute to the clients process in finding helpful new perspectives and solutions.


Transformational Leadership for Sustainability

This training by Monica Sharma offers strategies and practices for systemic societal change.


Change Management

My four month full time training in Change Management at IU Akademy encompassed concepts and approaches from work psychology, communication and mediation, change management processes and strategies, as well as organisational development.


Resonance Work

I am in the certification process with Sarah Peyton and her approach of "Resonany Healing". It is a science-based approach to foster secure belonging, unblocking stuck emotions through communication that connects and builds psychological resilience.

Further Trainings


School of Energetic Bodywork by Elliott Saxby (1 online course, 6 day-live training, monthly mentoring calls, self-practice and session exchange with other students)

Kundalini Bodywork

The goal is to access one's full life energy. A blend of breath work, shaking, emotional release tools, energy work and de-armouring. Kundalini Bodywork was developed by Elliott Saxby and has roots in various traditional eastern techniques like yoga, reiki, tantra as well as non-dual psychology. There is ongoing tests to proof the method's effectiveness scientifically. [Learn more]


Rosamund Oliver

(1 course three days full-time; 3 courses à ten weeks, with 2 hours weekly)

Deep Listening

This is an approach developed by Rosamund Oliver of how to create a space as clear and open as possible as a listener. This can allow the speaker to understand themselves and clarify their thoughts simply through being listened to. [Learn more]

2015, 2016

Blekinge Institute of Technology Karlskrona, Sweden

(2 four-day trainings)

Art of Hosting

With its long title"Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter" is a philosophy and set of methods for faciliating profound conversations in the professional context. It can be used for teambuilding, project strategy and planning, sparking collaborative innovative thinking and doing. Usually brings lots of joy, connection, and a boost into purposeful action. [Learn more]

2015, 2019

Online course, MIT and EDX (with live study groups in Lüneburg and Oslo)

Theory U

Theory U is an approach developed by Otto Scharmer and a team at Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which aims to build capacities in people for creating systemic societal change. It is designed to boost the capacities for collaborative leadership, and innovative individual and collective thinking. [Learn more]

2015, 2019

1 two-day seminar on NVC in politics, and 1 3-day seminar on NVC and horses

Non-violent Communication

Marshall Rosenberg developed this approach in order to build trust and cooperation in relationships rather than distrust, conflict, hate. The four-step process brings clarity about the needs, feelings, oberservations as well as requests in communication settings. The approach spread all around the world and has also been applied in war zones.

About Me.

Passionate about the environment and social justice since childhood, I had decided to study environmental sciences and politics at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg, a small town close to Hamburg. I continued with a Master in "Geography of Global Change" in Southern Germany and spend one year as exchange student in Oslo. After my master thesis and a year as research assistant at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, I am now resettling in Oslo with my self-employment business Taslima Life Coaching.

Academic Journey


Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) (Germany)


University of Freiburg (Germany) and Oslo (Norway)


Leuphana University Lüneburg (Germany)

Research Assistant

Forest carbon policies

Stakeholder analysis, interviews and workshops

M.Sc. Geography of Global Change

Master thesis "Forest Carbon in Compliance Carbon Markets" at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) (Prof. Sprinz)

B.Sc. Environmental Sciences and Political Science

Bachelor thesis "Standards versus Reality: FSC Certification as an Area of Conflict between Mapuche Issues and the Forest Industry" (access here).

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