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Develop resilience & joy with the approach of



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My name is Clara Maria Taslima vom Scheidt.

I offer coachings for individuals, workshops and retreats.

I combine several methodological coaching approaches, to offer you a space where you can feel safe, connect to your full potential, and receive supporting insights.

I also offer workshops for teams for resilience and (co-)regulation in the face of global challenges like the climate crisis.

Please take a look around and check out my offers!
I am excited to meet you!



I accompany you through difficult life phases, conflicts, challenging decision-making and life orientation.


Learn how the nervous system needs to be accompanied in the face of global challenges.


Withdraw from daily life for a few days to recharge and reorient yourself.

Client references

"I loved working with Clara. Her thoughtful, methodical and patient approach inspired my trust, and she held space for the session to develop with ease, clarity and grace. I would recommend her to anyone seeking self development and introspection."


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