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Developing societal and personal resilience, peace, and



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my name is Clara Maria Taslima vom Scheidt- a warm welcome to my work.

I hold a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Political Science as well as a M.Sc. in Geography of Global Change.

I am a certified systemic and horse-assisted coach by Alexandra Lohr Akademy and a certified Change Manager by IU Akademy.

I bring together my academic and methological trainings in a variety of offers including coachings, faciliation, and emotional resilience trainings.

 My goal is to contribute to healthy relationship patterns in our world: With ourselves, each other and nature. 

Towards more just, inclusive and restorative societies.

"This work is one of both personal healing and of global transformation."

Sarah Peyton, in Your Resonant Self

What I offer

Facilitation for Sustainability Leadership

Lead wisely with the system's lens and invite collective intelligence

Emotional Empowerment in the Climate Crisis

Build inner capacities and community resilience

Coaching for private individuals

Transform your feelings, habits and relationships

Compassion training for Youth Workers in Oslo

Learn embodied compassion to support youth in challenging situations

More info soon

Place-Making for Youth Inclusion

I am an ambassador for Youth Inclusion through Placemaking.

Client references

"I loved working with Clara. Her thoughtful, methodical and patient approach inspired my trust, and she held space for the session to develop with ease, clarity and grace. I would recommend her to anyone seeking self development and introspection."


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